It’s here: the ultimate Motorsport News poll. We gathered together a number of leading experts from the motorsport world in an effort to uncover the sweetest-sounding competition car of all time.

From a shortlist of 50, our panel judged and assessed some race and rallying greats, and MN counts down the top 25 in this weeks’ issue. We have spoken to a number of influential people in the paddock from racing commentators to ace commentators to assess the ultimate impact that each motorsport motor has had, the results are fascinating.

Motorsport News editor Matt James explains: “I was thinking about the things I had missed the most since motorsport has been on lockdown, and one of the most important ones is the assault on the senses you get when you watch a racing or rally car.

“It isn’t only the sight and the smell of the car – perhaps the most important aspect of any competition car is the sound. We set out to determine the top 25. There were many arguments about what should make it onto the shortlist and the results are extremely interesting.”

The results of the exclusive Motorsport News poll are out in the newspaper today (Wednesday)